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Eye Cane

(all pictures show the overhead perspective, looking down on the end of the cane.)

First you have to mix the colour of the eye in 4 different shades from dark to light.
As you can see in the following picture, you need 2 square logs of the

darkest colour, 4 logs of the next lighter colour, 6 logs of the second
lightest and 4 logs of the lightest colour.
Make all those logs the same size.
Then put all the logs together to get the following picture.

Over here you can see how this can be done:

Checkerboard Cane

Now you have to compress and push the cane together.
To tighten it up and make sure to remove any air pockets.
Reduce the cane to about 1 inch width.

Now hold your cane diagonally.

Now flatten the cane, until you get this shape:

Please look at the picture of this tutorial to see how it is done:


And just like it is shown over there, run your flattened cane
through the widest setting of your pasta machine:

What you'll get, is a long "something", which you have to cut into
5 to 8 pieces. The pieces have to be at least 2 inches long.
Now stack those pieces until it looks like this:

Compress this a bit to a log and flatten one side as it is
shown on this picture:

Now you have a wedge (almost!) Reduce this cane
'til you have a cane of about 5 to 6 inches length.

Cut it in 4 equal pieces.
Put these pieces together in a half circle
like it is shown in the picture:

Now make a black log which fits the middle hole.
You need it later, but now you can easily check, if it will fit.
Make it too large, rather than too small. This will be the pupil.

Now cut the halfround cane in the middle of it's length.
Place the black log in the center of one half, then
place the other half on top.

Reduce the cane as usual
(You know, you have to wait! Don't you?).
And you will get something like this:

If you don't know how to reduce a cane,
then look at this wonderful tutorial:


Have fun!

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